Monday 25 July 2011

Summer Blogging

It appears that summer has finally arrived (at least briefly). With many colleagues away, and fewer policy announcements, we'll be blogging less frequently over the next weeks (we'll probably post two to three times a week).

We will continue to blog on relevant news and policy announcements. For example, we should have something on the national planning policy framework (assuming that the publication of Greg Clark's forward signals its imminent arrival). And we'll continue to provide links to previous blogs that are relevant for current stories. For example, here's some thoughts on the likely economic impacts of John Lewis' new town centre store format. Finally, we also have some pieces lined up with further thoughts on business rate retention, high speed rail and the impact of the Olympics (drawing on our work on Wembley and Emirates Stadium).

So please continue to check for posts and remember that you can keep up-to-date with our activities by following us on twitter (@lse_serc).